Exhibit – Building Community/Community Building – Quest Art Gallery

Building Community/Community Building - Howard Rideout

From June 9th until July 21st of 2012, HRA was invited to hold an exhibit of our work in the Quest Art School + Gallery inside the Midland Cultural Centre as part of the grand opening celebrations. The exhibit, Building Community/Community Building, The work of Howard Rideout Architect in Simcoe County, showcased our work in the region, from our first residential projects to the design and construction of the Midland Cultural Centre. The exhibition is only the beginning of a series of events scheduled for 2012 that HRA has undertaken to explore the relationship of the Cultural Centre to the broader creative community in Simcoe County.

Building Community/Community Building - Howard Rideout Architect

Building Community 

The first half of the exhibition of the work of Howard Rideout Architect in Simcoe County is about building community through building relationships. Over the past 12 years, each new project has led to rewarding personal connections with the South Georgian Bay community through many individual clients and unique projects. The selected homes in this exhibition document the spirit of trust and commitment that connect architect and client in creating expressive and engaging works of architecture.

Building Community/Community Building Exhibit - Howard Rideout Architect

Community Building

The second half of the exhibition documents the creative process, through architectural illustration, of the design for the Midland Cultural Centre. The MCC was conceived as a “living room” for the community and as a welcoming beacon on the main street of the town, combining a synergistic blend of theatre, presentations, art and education. In the coming years, this building is expected to become a significant catalyst for community renewal, and to contribute to the emerging role of Midland as a regional arts destination.





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