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On December 11th and 18th, Howard, Daniel and photographer Alan Lewis photographed the interiors of two residences in North Simcoe County, the Midland Residence and Orr Lake Residence. These projects were designed by HRA and will be included in an upcoming publication of the firms work.

Midland Residence - Interior for HRA book

Midland Residence – Interior for HRA book

The publication will document the exhibition of work, which HRA held at the Quest Art Gallery in conjunction to the opening celebrations of the Midland Cultural Centre in June of 2012. The show entitled, “Building Community/Community Building, the work of Howard Rideout Architect in Simcoe County, documented significant projects that the firm has designed in Simcoe County, from its introduction to the region in 2001 to the completion of the Midland Cultural Centre in June of 2012.

The book introduces the reader to the diverse work of the firm through the first chapters of “Building Community“. These buildings document 9 years of design work in residential housing, commercial and institutional buildings, each with unique characteristics influenced directly by its site and client. The production of these projects lead directly to the commission to create the Midland Cultural Centre in 2009. The second half of the book entitled, “Community Building”, showcases HRA’s work on the Midland Cultural Centre (MCC), from the site selection in 2009 to completion of the project in June 2012.

Simcoe County and Midland are evolving as the small town atmosphere is being re-envisioned with a cultural focus. With the addition of the MCC, Midland has become a cultural hub within the region.  We hope this book will increase North Simcoe County exposure in this new role and reveal how modern architecture plays a part in a town’s transformation.

Midland Residence - Interior for HRA book

Orr Lake Residence – Interior for HRA book

The book is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013,  stay tuned to the blog to find out dates for our official book launch and events surrounding its release.

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