Malaysian Resort and Retail Village

HRA has been commissioned to work on a theme park development on the coast in southern Malaysia. The project is designed around a man-made river and lake system and is the focus of a larger master planned development that includes; two 5-star hotels, a convention centre and a large Malaysian-themed water park.  HRA will be designing twenty-one separate buildings that line the perimeter of this man-made river while working closely with international leaders in landscape, resort and hotel design.

The overall design is to follow a fictional story line, that encompasses the ensemble of buildings, describing the sites evolution from its beginnings as a small riverside fishing village into a thriving Victorian port. With the inspiration coming from some of the great historic buildings found throughout South/East Asia, the buildings are designed to appear as if they were built over time with each building referring to a specific phase of Malaysian architecture.  According to this fictional tale, the buildings were re-purposed into their present role as retail and dining spaces as the town evolved into a tourist destination complete with hotels and convention facilities.

HRA is excited to be working on this project and be sure to follow our blog for news on the project as it develops.

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