China – Then and Now

Forty years after submitting my grade 5 project on China (see below), it would seem that I have now completed a project in almost every city I depicted in his hand-drawn map.

Howard's hand-drawn map of China in grade 5

Howard’s hand-drawn map of China in grade 5.

The list below details the projects I have designed while working with the B+H Shanghai offices. The names of each city is indicated, along with the evolution of its name and a link to images of the projects on the HRA website.

Dairen – now known as Dalian – Dalian Fisherman’s Wharf

Peking – now Beijing – Tianjin Waterfront Master Plan (100km from Beijing HSR)

Tsingtao – now Qingdao – Qingdao Xiaomai Island

Hangchow – now Hangzhou – Zhoushan Leisure Island

Haikou – Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resorts & Spa (Sanya, near Haikou on island of Hainan)

Below is the notebook created in 1974.  Its funny that the topics of art, culture and food are still dominant aspects of my life.

MBoP001MBoP002 MBoP003 MBoP004 MBoP005MBoP006MBoP007MBoP008MBoP009MBoP010MBoP011MBoP012MBoP013

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