Progress on Changsha Villa Illustration

changshavilla_final_detail2 - Copy

As I created this illustration of the Changsha Villa I often stopped to get a quick shot of the progress.  Upon reviewing these snapshots I felt that at least a couple of them would be informative for highlighting the drawing process.

IMG_7955 - Clear 

Each layer of the drawing required that I step back and assess the larger composition.

Stepping back, putting the progress drawings on the wall allows me to keep my intentions clear as the drawing proceeded.

IMG_7960 - Copy 

Each phase of the drawing brought out some unexpected wonderful moments. At this point in the process the drawing was feeling very “Vienna Secession” as the white trees were set against the green backdrop of the forest floor.

IMG_6054 IMG_6056

As the layers of ink marker were applied and pencil crayon drawn over this, the trees began to take shape.  I was always aware of the light hitting the cascading waterfalls and how this element would lead the eye of the viewer into the centre of the composition.

Drawing detail

As the colours were layered the texture of the watercolour paper was giving the illustration its own character. This was a surprise to me but adds more depth and character.

As the drawing nears completion I usually step back and assess the overall effect.  Stepping away allows some time to clear my mind so once I am back to finish it I can pull everything together.


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