Study of Changsha Villa

ChangshaVilla - In Progress

At the end of 2015, I embarked upon a journey to develop one of my favorite villa projects into a formal illustration.

This project, designed while working as a consultant to B+H architects in Shanghai was one of five villas which would accommodate visiting dignitaries to the city of Changsha.  My earlier post in February 2012 documented my excitement about visiting the site and determining where these buildings would be placed.

After attending the ASAI conference last year I was inspired to create a drawing of more rigor and complexity than I have ever undertaken in my career.  From the outset this was a study in composition. Every aspect of the process made me aware of how each element within the drawing would either detract or enhance the work.  The opening in the forest, frames the villa with its terraced retaining walls reaching out into the verticality of the enclosing trees.  The water elements are important in this view, from the waterfalls catching the setting sun, to the cascading fountain that enters on the middle right. These elements are used to focus the viewer on the villa.

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