Lake Eugenia – Before and After

Lake Eugenia - Interior 1 - Dec.22.15

Photographers Alan Lewis and Jacquie Black spent a day in late November shooting the interiors for the chalet our office designed on Lake Eugenia.

Lake Eugenia - Interior 2 - Dec.22.15

This interior renovation of an existing 12-year-old cottage was an interesting challenge for HRA. Its large, interconnected rooms created a complex interior but the detailing was awkward, and the spaces felt more typical of a suburban home than a rustic retreat in cottage country.

Our design utilized inexpensive means to add warmth and character to the space.  The symmetrical columns and pendant lights, with minimal stair rail and pickets accented against the cedar art wall, give the space a unified and comfortable symmetry.  The illustration created by Howard Rideout to describe the interior’s living room (see below) became the drawing to refer to when selecting the interior furnishings, lighting and art.  Interior designer Anita Sawicki used this as her reference and kept our design intent with her selection of accessories and drapery which further unified the space.

Lake Eugenia - Before - Dec.22.15

Living Room before renovation


Illustration of Living Room

Lake Eugenia - Interior 3 - Dec.22.15

Living Room – after renovation

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